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I finally decided to fill this out... sooo

Here's the basics

I have realized that it takes way too much time to make layouts on a daily basis. So, sorry, you are not going to get new layouts everyday. But...

The layouts that I post on here are the ones I use on my site. I happen to make myself a new layout quite often, maybe once a week. Every time I get done with the previous layout, I post it on this site. That way, you get a new layout pretty often, and you know they aren't just getting done for your demand because I made them for myself.

The good thing about this is that you can check my journal to see what layout you are getting next! Like I said, as soon as I make a new layout, I post the codes and such on here.

And the cool thing is, I am learning more and more techniques and coding everytine I make a new layout, so they should be getting better and better!

New layouts arrive quick, because I often get bored with the look of my site. (Don't we all?) So what that means is, try not to whine about how long it's taking to get a new layout. And please, no requests. They're just too hard for me; I'm an amateur(and I also have a life, sorry. lol).

Also, most of my layouts have matching icons. To get them, go to my icon site, coveted_icons .

I think that's everything. Just remember, you have to credit! Layouts are really time consuming... and... yeah. So just do it.

Don't forget, to get layouts you must be a member of the community. To join, go to the top of this page and look where it says "to join this community, click here." Click there, and please don't ask me to add you. That takes too long, it's really much easier to just click that link.

So yeah, hope you like my layouts. And don't change any of the coding without permission, unless it's just something little. What I mean is, don't use my overrides to make your layout. K, bye.

Really, really like us?

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Don't feel like looking through all the entries to find the layouts?

Here is a list of them. Click on the one you want to see.

Constantine (the movie) Layout

Blue, Purple, and Green Layout

What You See Butterfly Layout

Dark Blue Midnight Sky Layout

Red Roses Shakespeare Layout

Blue Roses Layout

Your Eyes Layout

You will notice that they get better as you go up the list ( or they get worse as you go down, whichever way you see it). My newer layouts are a lot better, and are located at the top end of the list. My sucky ones are at the bottom.